Amy C. Edmondson

Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School. Edmondson's research examines the social and psychological dimensions of leadership, learning and innovation in teams and organizations, and has been published in numerous academic and managerial articles. Her emphasis is on teaming – the activities of collaborative work across boundaries – rather than on teamwork in stable team structures. She is currently studying innovation in the context of the built environment, with a particular focus on projects developing eco-districts and sustainable cities.

Video Interview of Amy Edmondson

May 10, 2011

Q: Please introduce us to some of your thinking about learning as an individual, as a team, and as an organization. Do they relate? How might these ideas relate to the work of a teacher?Q: What are some of the observations you have made about effective teams, the utility of processes, and the role of team-leader? Q: Do you have any thoughts about the particular job of school principal?Q: Help us understand some of your ideas about the role of failure. How is failure different from what you refer to as a blame-worthy event?Q: Please help us understand your phrase execution as learning. When is it beneficial to learn throughout the phases of work?Q: Can there be a downside to emphasizing outcomes?Q: Single-loop and double-loop learning -- could you please help us understand what you mean by these terms?Q: Do you have advice about the handling expertise within an organization in productive, positive ways?

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Professor Edmondson teaches courses on leadership, teams, and organizational learning. She has served on 26 doctoral committees and is the author of more than 25 Harvard Business School case studies, including cases on The Cleveland Clinic, Prudential Financial, YUM brands, IDEO product design, Arup, and NASA's failed Columbia mission. In 2003, the Academy of Management's Organizational Behavior Division selected Professor Edmondson for the Cummings Award for outstanding achievement in early mid-career, and in 2000 selected her article, "Psychological safety and learning behavior in work teams," for its annual award for the best published paper in the field. Her article with Anita Tucker, "Why Hospitals Don't Learn from Failures: Organizational and Psychological Dynamics That Inhibit System Change" received the 2004 Accenture Award for significant contribution to management practice.

Before her academic career, Edmondson was Director of Research at Pecos River Learning Centers, where she worked with founder and CEO Larry Wilson to design and implement organizational change programs in a variety of Fortune 100 companies. In the early 1980s, she worked as Chief Engineer for architect/inventor Buckminster Fuller, and her book, A Fuller Explanation, clarifies Fuller's mathematical contributions for a non-technical audience.

Edmondson received her PhD in organizational behavior, AM in psychology, and AB in engineering and design, all from Harvard University. She live with her husband and their two young sons.


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